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Welcome. This is Quincy Digital Media Exchange. The purpose of this page is to provide roralty free media(by me) and links to roralty free media(made by some else). Please submit a link to qlinds at aol. I will list media under a license similar to GPL at the top of the links list. However please feel free to sumbit links to commercial media as long as its licence allows roralty free use(like photo disk and comstock).

At the top of the links list are links to my media. All of it is released under the GPL. I also have a couple of 3d models and some music. But they will have to wait because the music is very large and the models need some work and some need skinned. So check back later.

Please consider donateing to this site

(Just because I say "donate" doesn't mean I'm some kind of charity.) If you like this site or the idea of it then click donate. This way I can start a limited liabialty with leagal resources to make sure licenses are understood, and explained in english. I can also hire people to create media that the company can then release. And I can move the site to a decent server. Or even provide our(our means open source minded programmers and artists) own server, where I could offer free web space to GPL contributors, and enexpensive space to commercial contributors.


Again, submit a link to qlinds at aol



Game art

Skulls and horror

Cartoons(right now just an e-book and a free paint program for cartoons and game art)

Backgrounds and borders.

free games and source code.

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(Oh, I can put this here because she has free patterns.)


Allegro game library

FreeBASIC-free basic compiler